Target Seasonal Warehouse Worker in Madison, Alabama

data-selector-name="jobdetails" data-org-id="1118" data-job-id="8031911" data-google-job-id="" data-apply-click-url="/job/ApplyClick">Seasonal Warehouse WorkerApply NowJob ID:6964659Date posted:05/08/2018Location:6175 GREENBRIER PKWY NW, Madison, Alabama

Description:Safely and efficiently handle and move merchandise using power equipment as needed. Receive and unload cartons or pallets from trailers. Maintain carton count accuracy in the warehouse. Unload cartons from electric conveyor and stack onto trailer.

Qualifications:Locate and remove pallets of merchandise in storage locations. Use technology to monitor carton count. Process orders quickly and efficiently. Move merchandise weighing up to 60 lbs. Crosstrain and work in other departments as necessary, including temperature controlled environments below freezing. *